Using the Custom Product Designer

Use our Custom Product Designer to create your own flag or sticker design!

You can also upload your own complete design, and choose from a range of template images to help you with your design.

Getting Started

Select the product you wish to customise and click the “customise” button. This will open the Product Designer interface.
You will see that there is already a “base” image loaded onto the interface, this will act as the background of the flag / stickers. You can edit this (changing the colour, for example), using the options at the bottom of the product designer interface, as shown below.


Uploading Your Own Design

If you already have a complete flag design you want to send us, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the flag base layer by clicking on it, then remove it by using the delete item button at the bottom left of the image (as seen above.)
  2. Click "ADD IMAGE" and upload your design from your device. Please ensure your image is no larger than 1000 x 600 pixels, to be sure it will fit on the interface. If you have a larger image that you are unable to resize - please complete the FLAG DESIGN FORM and attach your image there instead.

Creating Your Own Design

Base Layer

As mentioned above, you will find the base layer already loaded onto the product designer for you. This will act as the base for your flag or sticker. You can change the background colour of the base using the colour changer button, as shown above. If you wish , you can delete this layer using the delete item button, and upload a base layer of your own (this should be no bigger than 1000 x 600px in size) by clicking "ADD IMAGE" and uploading the image from your device.
You can also choose from our range of template designs for your base, simply click "CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS", and choose an image there.

Adding an Image

You can add images anywhere on the product designer using the "ADD IMAGE" button. For example if you want to add any club badges, photos etc. To edit or move the image around on the canvas, simply click on the image or the "MANAGE LAYERS" button and select the image there.

Adding Text

You can add text to your design by clicking "ADD TEXT", which will open up the text box as shown below.

Once you have typed in your text, click the ADD TEXT button, and close the text box.

Your text will now be on the canvas, and you can edit its settings (such as colour, size, font etc) by clicking on the text, as seen below.

Saving & Loading Your Designs

If you feel you need to have a few cracks at it before you finalise your design, just click the SAVE DESIGN button to save your work, and click on LOAD DESIGN to select from your saved designs at any time.

Managing Layers

Each element you add to your design becomes a "layer", and you can manage the order of the layers using the "MANAGE LAYERS" button. As you can see below, you can change the order of the layers here. With the lowest element in the manage layers box being the top layer on your design. (Note the text layer is below the flag image layer on the example below.)

Free Drawing

Feeling brave?? The FREE DRAWING tool is exactly as it sounds! Click on the button and show the world your artistic talent!

Advanced Editing

The advanced editing button allows you to add filters and gives you a colour manipulation option, to adjust contrast, brightness etc, as seen below. For the more adventurous of you!




Want Us to Design it For You?

If you would rather us design your flag or stickers for you, no problem! Simply head over to the FLAG DESIGN FORM, and give us as much information as possible, and we will get back to you ASAP. 

More than just football flags......

While we love designing and producing flags, we also design & print banners, flyers, brochures, business cards, personalised clothing and much more.

Anything you want printed we can usually help. Just drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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